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A town is besieged when one (or several) army(ies) surround it to conquer. It is a battle with specifc rules. You can see the town's level of fortifications through the fog of war. Minimum levels of troops are required to maintain siege on towns with different levels of fortifications. These requirements can be seen in the table below.

Hold on a siege

Aim of siege is to isolate town for the rest of the world and then avoid it to have fully food supply. In this stage, your army is not in the ennemy town (but on the same square of land), your soldiers have settled down around and blockade it. There are of course some casualties during this stage, but not a lot. Some archers are devilishly accurate but only some arrow reach their target.

Goal of siege is not to destroy the town and kill everybody, it is that the town surrender. To achieve that, you stop food supply, then morale of the town decraese. When town's morale fall under 20% (one heart), it surrender. Be careful not to mistake town's morale and defenders' morale. Defender morale impact fight forces in case of an assault. Each month the defender lose some morale, and in consequences, town lose morale too. Morael of the Town follow the defender morale, with some delay.

As already said, a limit of soldiers is needed to hold on a siege, depending of fortifications. Look at this table .

Limits of siege with fortification's level
Fortification of besieged town Town Garrison Maximum of allowed reinforced troups Minimum soldiers needed to hold on siege Minimum artillery forces to hold on siege Minimum artillery forces to assault
None 50 1 100
Fence 50 1 150
Ramparts 100 2 350 2
Ramparts with Flanking Towers 200 4 700 6 12

Be careful, this is the minimal amount needed, if you loose one more soldier, siege is ended, defense garnison supply to max, town gain morale.... So if you siege with only 100 soldiers, you are 100% sure it will be break down. Always have a regiment more than minimum needed.

You have to notice too that armies with morale less than 20% (one heart) aren't allowed to siege a town, so they aren't get into sieging forces. They must gain morale before.

Note about forces of artillery : Trebuchet 1; Bombards 2.


When you hold on a siege, you can also make an assault. Your soldiers attack the town and try to kill ennemy garrison.

This is another stage possible, but not always needed. In this stage, it isn't only morale that is take in account. You can see on next section how is it calculated. There is a succession of fight on each day, with much more dead on both side. Each fight is result of roll of dices add to calcul of forces ratio. Let's give some algorithm about forces' calculations

Calculations of military forces of army

With 07/11/2014 announcment [1] that is rule : number of strike is related with:

  • number of soldiers
  • fight forces (horsemen and chivalrie need to dismount to attack, so they lose their bonus)
  • 50% add if morale 100% (5 hearts)
  • add 10% if lead by martial leader (from family) (implemented ?)
  • half decrease if army's morale less than 20% (one heart)

(subject of modification)

little description of an assault

Assault means losses each day it stand. Then, with the number of dies, morales of each fighter rise or decrease, so impact to calculation of forces for next battle day (see previuos section)

Assault can be stopped each day by attacking army.

If all defenders garrison die, town is taken. (you need to re assault for now to conclude)

If number of fighter is less than limit (see second section), assault stop automatically and siege is break down. If you stop an assault, with some armies with morale less than 20%, they aren't anymore take in account for minimum numbre of soldier needed.

(ie army one 90 soldiers 25% morale + army two 25 soldiers 15% morale => siege break down.)


Assault is usually possible at the end of a siege, you gain some time, but with men losses. At beginning, military forces of defenders are higher. Common tips said you need 10 more fighter to assault immediatly...

If an assault stopped with moral lack, an army of defender present in the town can counterattack and destroy ennemy.