Livestock Farm

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The Livestock Farm counts as a building.




The construction of the building requires 1 political point, 800 gold and 20 wood.

After 2 years of use, you have to repair your corral. If no repair is done, the corral will disappear 2 years after the last slaughter. Each repair costs 200 gold.


Every field can employ up to 50 workers.

The number of workers will have no effect on the production time (in contrast to other buildings).

The quantity of food harvested will be calculated as

  • #trained_workers / 50 * 50 for cows
  • #trained_workers / 50 * 20 for sheep
  • #trained_workers / 50 * 10 for pigs


You can build a Livestock Farm on a square (preferrably a flat square without a forest) outside of the capital.

You can breed 3 sorts of animals:

  • Cows, will have a cycle of 60 days (180 in winter)
  • Sheep, will have a cycle of 25 days (75 in winter)
  • Pigs, will have a cycle of 10 days (30 in winter)

Once the cycle has completed, the animals must be slaughtered. This is done instantly with a click in the livestock management window. The food will not be transferred directly into your stock at the end of the cycle.

Caution! You have to monitor the cycle yourself, there will be no notification.