Holiday mode

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It's a simple mode. The goal is to allow people who go on holidays with no possibility to connect to the game not to risk losing everything. There will also be mechanisms to prevent abuse (like "I'm about to get destroyed? No problem, let's go to holiday mode and nobody can attack me anymore").

  • When you use the Holiday mode, you have to set a return date (between 3 and 21 years, most likely)
  • You can come back early, but not before the first 3 years
  • No one can declare a war on a "on holiday" family. But wars that had already started are still ongoing.
  • You cannot do any action with a "on holiday" family member, except if he was an already activated follower of your house.
  • Optionally (player can choose to turn this on or off when he leaves), characters will randomly marry to the local nobility.
  • Fields will not disappear, even if not taken care of.
  • The armies still need to be paid and supplied. Think to put them in garrison to avoid their desertion for lack of food.

As you can see, this is a "peaceful" holiday mode. A player with big armies, ongoing wars, and complicated diplomatic relations should use his smartphone[sic]. Some day we'll work on a mobile mode.