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Register on the site. At the beginning of this step, the game will ask for your invite code. This is the code that has been sent to you in the invite mail.

Enter a game

Once you are connected, you will see a page displaying the servers of the game. You must choose the server you want to play on. It's better to choose one with few players and which is not too advanced. This is important for the rest of the game.

Click on the button to join the game and choose the family you want to play with. It is of strategic importance.

First session

There are 4 cornerstones to the game:

  • Map, where you can see the towns and armies
  • Families
  • Strategy
  • Seignories

The "Seignories" screen is the one we'll use the most at the beginning of the game. The town you see and its buildings represent the capital of your seignory and this is where you manage the territory of the corresponding seignory.

So, enter the town (by clicking on "Manage the seignory"). At the beginning of the game, you have about 3000 working inhabitants. 10% of these inhabitants can be used by their lord to do a lot of stuff.

Click on "Construction sites", then build a Woodcutter's hut. It won't take long to build it.

You can now build a Motte-and-bailey castle which will allow you to develop researches and expand your seignory.

In "Buildings", assign 100 workers to the Motte-and-bailey castle by moving the cursor. One can see that, unlike the cursor of the people assigned to the construction sites, there is no hatching: this is normal as the blue part becomes completely hatched once the assigned people are used to this work. As long as they are not experienced enough, they are less productive. What are they doing exactly? Click on the "Technologies" button of the castle to see it!

They are researching stuff. Launch the research of Advanced metallurgy and come back on the city screen.

Assign as much people as possible to the woodcutter's hut. Once they are trained, these people will produce a unit of wood yearly (gradually, not at once at the end of the year). And wood is good!

Go to the first tab of the "Seignories" screen (the little green icon) and try and understand how it works, notably the "money" aspect. I suggest to click on the button allowing to increase the taxes of 20% during a year. Take a look at how taxes are calculated. You will get them at the end of the year.

Build a market then, while it is building, go in the Families screen. Try and activate as much characters of your family as possible who are more than 15 year old so that you can generate Politicals Points every year. Most of the characters who are more than 15 year old give you 1 Politics Points at the end of a year. Let's go back in the City screen (using the "Map" screen then the button "Manage the seignory" or by using the "Seignories" button). If the market is done, we are going to build a cultivation plot. We have to admit it's not obvious: click on Mines and fiels" and then right-click on a nice looking square. Choose "Convert into a cultivation plot".

During that time, come back to the "Buildings" tab and click on "Buy and purchase" in the market to buy 100 iron for 1000 pounds. You will get your ressources later.

You can now wait for your buildings and technologies to finish.


Go in the technology tree of the castle. Is the research over? Very good, activate it. This will cost you gold, iron and PP. Now start researching "Advanced weaponry".

While doing this, you can also start building a small forge.

From there, you can/must:

  • Produce food by assigning people to the field (but you will have to take them from somewhere else, for instance from the construction sites, especially if you're not building anymore)
  • Assign (and form) blacksmiths (for instance, by slowing down the research or by decreasing the number of woodcutters)
  • Build tools in the forge

Next, in no specific order, try and do this:

  • Build tools before you need them.
  • Try crafting alliances and/or weddings with your neighbours
  • Buy iron again (it will be needed for tools and weapons)
  • Activate advanced weaponry, research other things, like Military command to have even more grunts
  • Build an armory
  • Build ramparts
  • Build some weapons (20-30)
  • Build a training camp
  • Raise troops (for instance, 2 regiments of militiamen, 2 of infantrymen which amounts to 200 soldiers. You should keep 50 men to protect your city (it will be enough at the beginning, especially if you have ramparts).
  • Send a force of 150 soldiers to besiege a neutral city.
  • Trade with your neighbours.
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • Become Viscount, Count, Duke and finally King!