Cultivation Plot

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The Cultivation Plot counts as a building.




The construction of the building requires 1 political point, 500 gold and 20 wood.

After 2 harvests, you have to hoe the plot. Hoeing cost 200 gold. (Hoeing = maintaining the field). If left untended 2 years after the last harvest, the field will disappear.


Every field can employ up to 50 workers.

The number of workers will have no effect on the production time (in contrast to other buildings).

The quantity of food harvested will be calculated as

  • #trained_workers / 50 * 100 for wheat
  • #trained_workers / 50 * 40 for vegetables


You can build a Cultivation Plot on a square (preferrably a flat square without a forest) outside of the capital.

Harvesting is done automatically, food is transferred to your stock immediately. Make sure you have enough room to store your food, any food exeeding your storage capacity is spoiled.

You can sow 2 sorts of nutrients: wheat and vegetables.

  • summer wheat can be sowed in the spring and harvested in autumn
  • winter wheat can be sowed in autumn and harvested in spring
  • vegetables can be sowed in spring, summer and autumn (harvest depends on sowing season)