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Since October 14, 2014, it is no longer possible to return to a world after leaving.

Why this rule?

We have witnessed the following practices, which are a very unfair method of playing:

  • Early in the game, I join with a family 'A'. I propose a treaty of vassalage & co-operation to a family 'B', in order to benefit family B. Then I leave the game and rejoin on the side of family B, taking advantage of the better situation.
  • During the game, I cause another player to become inactive or banned in order to take over his better situation.

Therefore, this amendment comes into action as a preventive response to these abusive practices.

Of course, a player may be tempted, once he joins a world, and want to leave immediately to return with another family: this is not possible, and a popup notification will inform him that if he leaves this world he will not return.