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Why is it refereed?

On the first world of March of History, we saw the birth of tensions between some players sometimes go beyond the roleplay. These tensions were mainly due to the complexity of the rules, and PvP characteristics of the game (players competing directly with other players for land, wealth and power) and some bug impacts.

In order to overcome the problems inherent in such tensions, we decided to set up an arbitration system on the 850 player English server, Locke. Note that we will keep a watchful eye on this novelty. The system will eventually evolve according to our observations to ensure that it best accomplishes its objective.

Who are the referees?

The arbitrators shall be composed mainly of volunteers and experienced players within March of History. They are selected carefully by the team of Celsius by online application. The qualifications required are knowledge of the game, good patience and high availability. Furthermore the referees are obviously not allowed to play in any game world that they are responsible for.

The first two volunteers and referees are Nalaf, Gamaliel, for the English Locke server (there will be more added later :)). The team of Celsius online ("admins" as they are called) are also part of the arbitration team.

What is the mission of the referees?

Their mission is simple: to mediate in conflicts between players. This is not to say they will rule in your favour every time you contact them, but will seek to end the conflict in an impartial manner, while clearly explaining to everyone the reason for the verdict.

What can referees do?

The arbitrators may:

  • Read the reports of players linked to the world for which they are responsible
  • Respond to reports of players linked to the world for which they are responsible
  • Contact players directly
  • Inspect the entities (Lordships, families, people, treaties, armies, seats etc ...) of the world for which they are responsible
  • Edit an entity (eg giving money to a family). NB: these changes are strictly controlled by the admins!

How to contact a referee?

Initial Contact

To contact the referee, you must go to the screen "Family" and click on "Contact a Referee" (above the portrait of the head of household). This feature is currently available for the English Locke world. In the text window, be sure to give as much information about your problem as possible. The referee has no knowledge of your situation. Also, keep in mind that several different referees are likely to intervene on your problems. Because of this you should avoid replying in the fashion of "as discussed with you in my previous report".

Exchange with the referee

After this initial contact, the referee can reply to you directly. His answer will appear in your March of History inbox. You can reply in turn (like a normal message). The exchange can continue on as long as is necessary.

If you encounter several different problems in the same world, establish an "initial contact" for each problem (referees, who have a dedicated interface, find it much easier.)

When to contact the referee?

  • In case of a conflict, whatever it is, with another player
  • If you suspect a player operating suspiciously to be exploiting a bug for personal gain.
  • In case of suspicion of a single player playing multiple accounts (admins then run these reports, and check if this is the case)

When not to contact the referee?

  • To report a bug - in that case, head for the dedicated forums
  • To ask a question about the rules - in this case head on over to the forum or wiki
  • For no reason. This seems obvious, but we have unfortunately seen it done. Please note that from now on, flagrant abusers will beАрбитраж