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The market can be used to either buy and sell resources

The Local Market

You can buy and sell 3 types of resources at the local market :

  • Food
  • Iron
  • Stone

Resources sold to not go to any player,the market is owned by the AI. Every time you buy or sell resources from the local market it will increase or decrease in price respectively. The prices will return to equilibrium with time.

The global market

On the global market offers can be made to all players or just to certain players.The final price will be increased given the taxes paid to travel there. The travel time depends on the route made. The fastest way is not always the cheapest way.

The seller always gets the price they list, the taxes are paid by the buyer. (e.g. If a player puts 50 wood on offer for 500 gold, they will receive 500 gold when it is bought, but the buyer might have to pay 563 gold)

You can sort the offers by price, time, and resource type.

The market is also used to transfer resources between different towns, simply put the price as 0 and select the destination. No taxes are paid for these types of transfers.