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Buildings provide benefits and new features to the cities they are built. Some buildings bring benefits as soon as they are built (e.g. walls ), while others need villagers to work or have operations that are their own.

Constructing a Building

Most buildings have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before construction may commence; either the attainment of certain technologies or presence of another certain building.

Building construction requires resources (Gold, wood, stone, etc.) and workers.

The construction of a building is carried out on the "Construction Sites" tab screen in the city, by clicking the "Build" button next to the desired building. The speed of construction is affected by the number of workers working in the construction site. To change the amount of peasants working on construction simply move the slider in the buildings tab on "Peasants assigned to the construction sites". It should be noted that workers must be trained before they begin work. Workers are trained automatically by assigning them. To check if your workers are trained, look for the horizontal lines.

List of buildings built inside the town

List of buildings outside the town