March of History is a free web-based multiplayer game which requires no download. Mixing real-time strategy, management and diplomacy, March of History takes you in Medieval Europe where you play a noble family intent on perpetuating the name of their House through the sound and the fury of History.

As centuries go by, The powers that you are playing will evolve and you will control first a noble house, then a kingdom or a nation-state before moving on to social and political forces which have appeared in the 20th and 21st centuries ...

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A new 850 players game09/16/2014
A new game in Europe for 850 players had opened. Join it now!
For this new game and only for this one, a special rule is enabled: if you control too many seignories by yourself, without asking vassals for help, then you will only get 10% of the tax revenues in the supernumerary territory. Please check all the rules in the forum! Moreover, this new game contains new features such as regiments of bowmen, crossbowmen and arquebusiers.
Create your kingdom!08/29/2014
You can now become a king... if you provide yourself with the means to do it.
On March of History, the territories of historical kingdoms are enabled: if you control 60% of a territory of a kingdom, you can assume the regal crown and try and annex the rest of its territory... There are additional information on these rules about kingdoms on the forum.

Lévan Sardjevéladzé (Manager)

Research & Development

Sylvain Dumazet (Lead Programmer)
Mathias Latournerie
Arthur Riolland
Guillaume Barreto
Vincent Dumont
Lévan Sardjevéladzé


Yann-William Bernard (Art Director)
Nicolas Cornet
Charles-Alexandre Moigno

Historical research, localization and PR

Charles-Edouard GarciaGary Laporte

A game designed, programmed and edited by Celsius online, SARL with a capital of 10150€ (RCS Paris 481345445). Its head office is located at 55, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris.
email: contact[@]
Phone : 01 42 78 14 71
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